To sell a horse

After selling some of my horses, I realized how many pitfalls there are. So when the Horse Breeding Association announced that they would hold a horse sales course at a beautiful castle, I signed up immediately.

I have been thinking for a long time about starting a horse sales business.

The teacher during the course was one of Europe’s most successful horse sellers.

But there were also various invited guests who talked about topics such as taxes, insurances, contracts and other things like that.

Even during the presentation at the first lesson, I knew that I would enjoy the course, and the course location itself was magical.

First lesson

So you are going to sell your horse? Or maybe someone elses horse? You often hear how you as a buyer should behave to avoid a dispute and what to think about when buying a horse. But how should you think as a salesperson? What laws are there to follow and what are the seller’s rights and obligations? Which traps can you as a seller avoid falling into? We will now go through some horse legal issues that you should consider.

What type of buyer is optimal for my particular horse? If you sell the horse to a competition rider, you can count on higher demands on the horse compared to if you find a buyer who will use the horse as company and exercise riding. Therefore, it is important to design the sales process according to the type of buyer you want to reach.

The horse

Describe the horse as truthfully as you can, even if it can be tempting to tell how wonderfully kind your horse is. It has never stopped in competition, loads itself, and has absolutely no bad behavior in the stable. But the thing is that the verbal commitments that the seller makes before the purchase will play a big role because these can be counted as a guarantee of the horse’s behavior. Be careful not to market your horse in a way that you cannot guarantee.

Does it matter who ordered the inspection? If one of the parties subsequently wants to turn to the veterinarian due to an injury having been missed during the X-ray or if the ocular inspection turns out to have been incorrectly carried out, it matters a great deal which of the parties has ordered the inspection. Only the ordering party can make a claim against the veterinarian. Do you want to feel confident in being able to make a claim against the veterinarian who performs the inspection and X-ray? Yes, then you do best to call for and be the customer of the inspection yourself.


Who owns the horse you sell? Should the horse be sold by someone else for a commission?

These days it is common to leave your horse at a sales stable or to let a good competition rider sell the horse. If you are going to receive someone else’s horse for sale, it is of the utmost importance that you as a mediator have a valid agreement with the horse’s owner. Writing is the very best because oral agreements are much harder to prove. Hence, a clear agreement should be established between the horse owner and the intermediary. If the horse is to be sold in the intermediary’s name, a power of attorney from the owner is also required with notification that the intermediary has the right to sell the horse. Likewise, the commission part should be carefully specified in the agreement.

Purchase agreement

Once the horse is sold, it is also important to remember to specify the horse’s use as clearly as possible in the agreement. If you write show jumping horse and the horse after the sale refuses to jump or that it would turn out that the horse has a physical injury that makes the horse not able to jump, it means that there is a possible significant error. If, on the other hand, it had been written that the horse is suitable for exercise riding and the injury does not prevent normal riding, there are no errors to the same extent. It is therefore of the utmost importance to place your horse in the right compartment at the sale and if the horse is on the border, it may be wise to choose to write all-round instead of show jumping. Also, consider whether there is a special condition that you as a seller want to include in the agreement. For example, a repurchase clause if the horse were to be for sale again.

Free time

There were some breaks between lessons, then we all took the opportunity to check emails, call family and things like that. Some chose to take short, quick walks in the surroundings, I did most of that too. But during a few breaks I got a little tired and lazy so I sat down on a soft and comfortable sofa to play. Currently the favorites are Sudoku, PokerCasino games.

But most of the time, I actually took a refreshing walk with a few others.

The surroundings together with the amazing food and luxurious rooms made it to be a perfect weekend course.

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