Home insurance is an investment

In securing home and property, the first step is taking home insurance. Often home insurance is also a requirement in the lease. However, it is worthwhile to find the right one because there are surprisingly large differences in coverage and prices. You should also pay attention to the wording of your insurance, as small differences can have a major impact on the remuneration decision.

Before making insurance negotiations, you should make yourself clear about what everyone wants to insure and how much you want. In terms of deductibility, it is good to think of compromise what you are paying on a monthly basis on insurance and, on the other hand. Negotiations are often a good idea to start with your own insurance company, as most companies offer discounts on concentrations. Discounts are also offered to members of the organization and students. Different calculators are available for comparison of insurance, but they are only a review. Only more extensive investigation will give details of the insurance details, coverage and payments.

The price is determined by the type of housing and the things to be replaced

On home insurance, it is advisable to request a quote from at least a few companies. Pay special attention to what is outlined, and which property is considered to belong to the real estate and assets.   Also, read through the company’s safety guidelines as they explain how the company insists on the insurance policy to be handled in order to compensate for the damage. The amount of compensation depends on the quality and age of the property. Insurance companies have a so-called “a gravel drop chart” showing how, for example, the decline in the value of household appliances and IT devices progresses. There is also a lot of variation between these companies on these grounds.

Carefully check the coverage

The price of the insurance is quite directly proportional to the coverage. For example, the premium of insurance may be reduced by raising the amount of the deductible. Comprehensive insurance is more expensive, but on the other hand, the it covers all sudden and unforeseeable damages, unless otherwise stated. When deciding on one, you must first decide whether you will be compensated for damages, for major damages or, for example, breaking down your home appliance or phone. When insuring the apartment, you also need to know how to replace different items in different ways. As such, the criteria for clothing replacement are quite different from electronics.

Home insurance brings security to everyone

Most often home insurance is taken at the landlord’s request or for your own home. Do you have a home insurance policy if you live on a lease, but the landlord does not require a separate insurance policy?

In many cases, yes. Insurance companies is continuously tackling the problematic situations where liability insurance would have been particularly needed, but home insurance is left out when the item has not been considered worthy enough. However, damage caused by negligence may cost up to tens of thousands of euros to the house owner or the neighbors if there is no insurance in play.

In any case, here are some questions to consider during insurance negotiations:

  • legal and civil liability insurance
  • which is part of assets
  • equipment de-grading table
  • possible centralization or organization discount
  • the magnitude of the deductible
  • how long is the commitment to insurance?

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