Real Estate Business

Here are a couple of tips and tricks on how to be successful in the real estate industry.

Become a real estate photographer

You won’t have to own a property or sell anything, you just need to have good skills and a camera.


Applications based on blockchain changed the way how people are selling, buying and investing, how people are interacting with each other when it comes to these transactions.

Rising prices

Between 2012 and 2015 the growth reached 15 percent. No one was surprised to see more of the same in 2018 because everyone was already mentally prepared for the rising price trend to continue.

To Rent or Not to Rent

Analytics says that people will have to wait until 2025 to secure even a little bit of profit.

Future of real estate

Real estate is one of the largest investments or purchases for some people in their lifetime. During the years, customer demands were overlooked and it caused a lot of frustration in the industry. But now, consumers got louder and more important. Startups recognized their needs even more. The industry now listens and the future is […]

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What mistakes to avoid as real estate professional

If you are, or want to become a real estate professional, this article is for you. You need or must make decisions which are going to affect your status as a professional. It can lead you to complete failure or huge success. You cannot avoid mistakes but your response to them is what really matters. […]

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Why renting a vacation home is better than buying?

In the long run, almost everyone wants to own personal property. Although many people now own a holiday home, the situation has not always been the same, but renting has always been popular. At present, the cost of buying real estate is on a steep rise, especially in cities, so either you rent or buy […]

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Things to consider before investing in commercial real estate

It looks that commercial real estate can be the most profitable, but all things including risks needs to be considered before choosing this type of investment. Because: ·        Everything takes longer This is based on comparison to residential investment. It takes not just days but months, sometimes a year. You will have to find new […]

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